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Dream Again Part 3

Apr 28, 2024    Pastor Matt Young

Good morning, beloved family of Access Church! Today, as we gather for the third part of our series "Dream Again," led by Pastor Matt, we are diving deeper into the transformative power of dreams and visions that God bestows upon us. This message is about turning divine dreams into tangible realities, using the life of Abraham as a foundational example of faith and vision.

In Scripture, God speaks to us about the pivotal role dreams and visions play in our spiritual journey. As we have learned, these are not just fleeting thoughts but are the language of the Holy Spirit, a divine communication meant to guide and shape our destinies. Today, we explore how to fully embrace and actualize these God-given dreams by focusing on clarity, vision, and decisive action.

Our focus begins with Psalm 37:4, which assures us, "Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart." This is a profound promise that when we immerse ourselves in the presence of God, our deepest heart's desires align with His divine purpose for our lives.

The Process of Embracing a God-given Dream

1. The Oil - The Bible as Our Guide: Just as oil is essential in painting, the Word of God is crucial in revealing the dream God has for us. It is through regular engagement with Scripture that we begin to see the bigger picture of what God intends for our lives.

2. The Artist - The Role of the Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit acts as the divine artist in this process, taking the truths we absorb from Scripture and transforming them into a clear vision within us.

3. The Canvas - Our Hearts Ready to Receive: Our hearts are the canvas on which these dreams and visions are painted. It is essential that we keep our hearts open and receptive to what God wants to imprint upon them.

Vision: The Blueprint of Faith

Vision is more than just a goal or an aspiration; it is a divine blueprint that feeds our faith. Without a clear vision, dreams can falter and fade. Abraham's life shows us that God often provides a vision so compelling that it requires faith to believe in its fulfillment. God challenged Abraham to envision his future as numerously as the dust of the earth and the stars in the sky—powerful, daily reminders of God's promise.

Practical Steps to Living Out Your Dream

1. Visualize Your Dream Daily: Just as Abraham was instructed to look around and foresee the promise

physically, we too need to practice visualizing the fulfillment of God’s promises in our lives.

2. Take Authority and Act: "Arise," as God commanded Abraham, speaks of taking action. Dreams are realized

not through passivity but through proactive steps of faith.

3. Engage in Continuous Fellowship with God: The name Hebron, meaning fellowship, symbolizes the depth

of relationship required to maintain clarity of vision. It is in ongoing communion with God that our vision for

the future becomes clearer.

4. Believe and Declare Your Identity: Just as Abraham's name change signified a shift in identity aligned with

God’s promise, we must also start declaring and living from the identity and reality that God has spoken

over us.

The Power of a God Dream

Today, let us be inspired by Abraham’s journey from a dream to a vision, and from vision to reality. His story is a testament that with God, no dream is too vast, no promise too outlandish. It is a call for each of us to dream again, to see beyond our current circumstances, and to step into the future God has prepared for us.

As we continue to explore the depth of God's plans for our lives through Pastor Matt's guidance, let us hold onto the truth that the dreams God gives are not only meant to change us but also to change the world through us. Let's embrace these dreams with faith, visualize them with clarity, and pursue them with unwavering commitment.