1300 State Route 125 Amelia, Ohio 45102

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Your Path To Faith And Community

Join Us For Worship!
1300 State Route 125, Amelia, OH 45102
Sunday Morning Service | 9 AM & 11 AM
Engage in Worship: Immerse yourself in a dynamic and uplifting worship experience that speaks to all generations. Our live music ranges from vibrant, upbeat melodies to intimate, soulful tunes. Pastor Matt, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, may even grace the piano, sharing cherished hymns from his Appalachian roots, connecting us to our rich faith-filled heritage.

Receive Inspirational Messages: Every service delves into scripture-based messages crafted to resonate with your daily life. Our sermons are not mere teachings; they are heartfelt conversations designed to empower you, provide practical wisdom, and enrich your spiritual journey.

Share in Communion: On designated Sundays, we gather as a family to celebrate communion. This sacred time of reflection and prayer is open to all who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ. As we partake in the juice and bread, symbols of Jesus's selfless sacrifice, we remember His boundless love and the forgiveness available to us all.

Join a Vibrant Community: Access Church is more than just a Sunday service; it's a welcoming community. From the moment you step through our doors, you'll be greeted by friendly faces, open hearts, and the genuine warmth of a congregation committed to walking the Christian path together.

Nurture the Next Generation: We are deeply passionate about nurturing the next generation of believers. Our dedicated programs for children and youth offer engaging and age-appropriate ways for young minds to connect with their faith.

Connect and Contribute: Seeking ways to grow in your faith or serve others? We offer diverse small groups, outreach opportunities, and ministries that enable you to connect and contribute in meaningful ways.

At Access Church, we invite you to embark on a journey of faith and community. Join us in creating a vibrant, supportive, and spiritually enriching environment for all.