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Small Groups

Discipleship Class

Unlock the door to spiritual enrichment this Wednesday with Access Churches Lead Pastor, Matt Young. "Wednesday's Wisdom Walk" is more than just a Bible study—it's an experience aimed at bringing the community together to explore, reflect, and revel in the wisdom of the Scriptures. Come immerse yourself in a captivating session where Pastor Matt delves into Biblical teachings with relevance, depth, and a touch of humor. Whether you are deeply rooted in your faith or just exploring spiritual perspectives, this study offers a sanctuary for intellectual and spiritual growth.

Discovering Divine Wisdom & Unlocking Sermons Bible Study

Join us every Tuesday for 'Unlocking Sermons: A Weekly Exploration with Tim & Cathy,' a special Bible study designed to extend and enrich the teachings from Pastor Matt's Sunday sermon. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Tim and Cathy, this interactive session aims to break down the sermon's key elements, offering a deeper understanding of the Scriptures and their relevance to our modern lives. Each week, Tim and Cathy will guide participants through meaningful dialogue, as they unpack the theological insights and practical wisdom embedded in Pastor Matt Young's messages. With their engaging approach, they create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages questions, fosters spiritual growth, and enables personal application. Whether you've been in the faith for decades or are just beginning your spiritual journey, 'Unlocking Sermons' offers a unique opportunity to dig deeper into the transformative power of the Word. Come explore, understand, and live the messages that guide us closer to God and enrich our spiritual walk.

Golden Grace Bible Study: From Galatians to Ephesians

Embark on a transformative journey through two of the New Testament's most treasured books with Vickie Nugent. Our 'Golden Grace' series is a deep-dive study designed especially for anyone who desires a richer, fuller understanding of the Scriptures. Currently, we're exploring the liberating themes of Galatians and will soon transition into the empowering messages of Ephesians. Join us for an atmosphere of spiritual growth, supportive community, and enlightening discussions. Whether you're a seasoned Bible scholar or newly devoted, this series is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your faith and knowledge.