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Dream Again Part 1

Apr 14, 2024    Pastor Matt Young

Welcome, dear friends and family of Access Church, as we gather together to embark on an inspiring journey titled "Dream Again Part 1," led by our very own Pastor Matt. Today, we stand on the threshold of rediscovering the immense power of dreams and the divine spark within each of us that yearns to create, aspire, and achieve.

From the dawn of creation, God has instilled in us the capability to dream—to envision lives filled with purpose and impact. Yet, so often, we find ourselves merely existing, caught in the routine, forgetting the vivid dreams that once painted our aspirations. Remember, as Albert Einstein profoundly noted, "imagination is greater than knowledge." It is through imagination that we shape our future, crafting visions that transcend the confines of our past experiences.

In this sermon, we are called to consider three pivotal aspects of our spiritual journey:

1. The necessity of being Born Again, to see the world anew through the eyes of faith.

2. The discovery of God’s dream for our lives, a revelation that unfolds the divine blueprint specifically

designed for each of us.

3. The development of our God-given talents and skills, which equips us to fulfill the glorious destiny that


In these last days, the Holy Spirit speaks a language rich with dreams and visions, as proclaimed in Acts 2:17—where young and old alike are empowered to see beyond the veil of the mundane. In the words of the prophet Joel, God promises to pour out His Spirit, bringing both former and latter rains, signifying blessings and revelations that rejuvenate our parched dreams.

Moreover, God reassures us through Jeremiah 29:11 that His plans are meticulously crafted to prosper us, not to harm us, offering hope and a resplendent future. Today, let us embrace this truth, step boldly into the clarity of our divine purpose, and dare to dream again.

As we delve into the life of Abraham, whose dream at the ripe age of 75 showcases that it’s never too late to begin anew, we find courage and inspiration. His journey teaches us the steps to clarity in discovering the God-given dream tailored for our lives—rooted not in confusion but in the intentional design of our Creator.

Join us as Pastor Matt unfolds these truths, guiding us through scripture and story, igniting once again the dreams that God has placed in our hearts. Let's dream again, not as the world dreams, but with the conviction and hope that only comes from God.