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May 5, 2024    Pastor Matt Young

Good morning, Access Church family! Today, we gather to explore a poignant and timely topic in Pastor Matt's sermon, "The American Idol." In our pursuit of happiness and success, it's crucial to examine the foundations upon which we build our lives. This message challenges us to reassess our priorities and realign our lives according to the principles that God outlines in His Word.

The Bible teaches us that the values and principles we hold dictate the strength and direction of our lives. Proverbs 3:6 promises us that if we acknowledge God in all our ways, He will make our paths straight and crown our efforts with success. This isn’t just a mere suggestion; it’s a divine formula for living a life that is both fulfilling and aligned with God’s will.

Idolatry in Modern Times

As we delve into the heart of the message, we're reminded of the timeless commandments given in Exodus 20, which begin by instructing us to have no other gods before the Lord. Our culture today may not worship golden calves, but our idols have simply taken new forms—wealth, relationships, status, and even our own egos. These idols promise fulfillment but ultimately lead us away from the true joy and peace that only God can provide.

The Dangers of Idol Worship

The Scripture is clear about the pitfalls of idolatry, as illustrated in Jeremiah 10. Idols, though often glorified by society, are powerless and ultimately lead to disappointment. They enslave us, distract us from our true purpose, and deform our spiritual identity. As we pursue these false gods, we risk mirroring their emptiness instead of reflecting the image of God.

The Three Major Idols

1. God of Mammon (Money): In a society that measures success by financial wealth, the pursuit of money can

easily become our primary focus, overshadowing our spiritual and relational health.

2. God of Baal (Pleasure and Sex): Our culture's obsession with pleasure and sexuality often leads us away

from the purity and depth of relationships that God intends for us.

3. Moloch (Violence and Power): The idolatry of power and control manifests in harmful ways, impacting our

communities and our personal integrity.

Transforming Our Vision

Today’s message invites us to contrast these deceptive idols with the truth of God’s character and promises. Unlike these idols, God is alive, active, and fully capable of fulfilling His promises. He offers us a path to true fulfillment, freedom, and development—a path that molds us into His likeness rather than diminishing our value.

Call to Action

As we reflect on the idols in our own lives, let us consider what we are truly worshiping and ask ourselves whether these things are leading us closer to or further from the image of Christ. The call to put God first is not merely about avoiding spiritual pitfalls; it is about embracing a life that flourishes under His guidance and provision.


In closing, let us remember that whom we worship profoundly shapes who we become. As we leave here today, may we choose to worship the One who can truly satisfy our hearts and fulfill our deepest needs. Let's put God first, not just in our words, but in every area of our lives, and watch as He transforms us and crowns our efforts with His success.

Prepare your hearts as Pastor Matt leads us deeper into understanding and overcoming modern idolatry with the transformative power of God's truth. Let us move forward with the assurance that in God, and only in God, do we find the true success and freedom we long for.