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Winning the War

There is a war in progress, unlike the wars that are currently going on between nations today. (Although, such wars may be a part of the bigger war.) It is a spiritual war. It is a war between Satan and his fallen celestial allies, as well as Christ and His church. It is an invisible war in that we fight against unseen forces. It is therefore a war, which must be waged by faith, and not by sight. It is a war that we cannot fight in our own strength, but only in the strength which God Himself supplies.

The war is not being waged to see which side will win. God has already won the war by the death of His Son on the cross of Calvary. The war is for our good, and for the glory of God. The war is part of God’s instruction to the angelic hosts. It is a part of God’s eternal plan and purpose for his creation.

The great question is not "Who will win?" but "Who will stand?" The question is not whether God is on our side, as much as whether or not we are on His side.

A man asked Abe Lincoln a great question during the civil war. He asked,”Mr. President do you believe God is on our side?” Mr. Lincoln replied, ”My concern is not whether God is on our side but my concern is are we on His side?!”

We already know that God defeated Satan through His Son on the cross. The question today is have we put our absolute faith and resolve in Christ, and do we trust Him as Savior and Lord in our lives? Do we stand with him today and will we stand with him tomorrow?

Trust Christ and walk in the sure victory he has gained and you will win the battle now and the war for eternity.

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