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We are in Danger

You are not in conflict with God, if by faith in Jesus Christ, you acknowledge your sin and trust in the victory, which Jesus has already won on the cross. Then you shall be saved, in which case you shall wage war for God. How great is the difference between those who fight with God and those who fight for Him. Whose side are you on in the great conflict of the ages?

We are in great danger, not when the enemy is great and powerful, but when we think that we can stand in our own strength, rather than in the strength God provides. Peter learned this lesson the hard way when he was sifted and denied the Lord three times before the cock crowed. We should always be reminded that we are no match for Satan and his demonic forces in and of our own ability and strength

Paul warns every Christian about the danger of self-confidence: “therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall,” (Cor. 10:12). When God delivered the Israelites out of their Egyptian captivity and brought them into the land of Canaan, He purposely did not drive out all of the Canaanites. He purposed that they would have to possess the land by waging war against them. (Read Exodus 23:29-31)

God did not give the Israelites an immediate and total victory over their adversaries the Canaanites. They were to wage war against them and drive them out, but the Lord would give them the victory, and to this end He sent His angel to defeat the enemy. We are in a spiritual war and we must put on God’s armor and stand against the enemy, but the victory will be the Lord’s, for it is only in His power and strength that we stand.

We are in grave danger when we don’t recognize the power of the enemy and when we do not access the power God has granted us to live and walk in victory. John said this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith. Our faith in Christ and his great redeeming work on the cross is our absolute power and victory. Each day we need to exercise our faith in his power and release his strength in our lives.

Today and as we move forward toward our final reward I encourage all of us to stand in the grace that saved us to keep us and move us onward. May God’s grace be abundant and may the power of redeeming love sustain you in the days ahead.

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