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Under attack

We have been talking about how we as Christians are under attack from the enemy - that we are in a spiritual conflict, a war as it were. The good news is we have the victory through Christ and all he did on the cross and through the power of his resurrection.

It is important for us to understand Satan- who he is and how he works. Victory in the short run can be ours because we know who our God is and we know our enemy. I want to peel back another layer and show you something else of Satan and his working in the world and attempt to work in our lives.

Satan’s opposition is the outworking of his own rebellion and distorted perception. Simply stated, Satan’s opposition is guided by his own warped perception of reality. He cannot believe that anyone would worship God on the basis of who he is, rather than on the basis of what he gives.

Satan cannot think of God as our reward, but only as the rewarder of those who do his bidding. And so it is that Satan sought to afflict Job, thinking that his submission and obedience would immediately cease.

The Devil tempts those in power by appealing to their pride and ambition, because that is the way he responded to his position of power. He appeals to those under authority to act independently, rather than to submit to those over us. He appeals to self-interest and he urges us to shun self-sacrifice. He knows nothing of grace, and he delights in the downfall of others.

Our power to overcome his tactics is found in our ability to worship God on the basis of who He is and not just on what he does for us!! A great source of strength comes in understanding authority and how God puts a premium on it. We need to learn not only how to lead, but how to be led. We should be teach and be taught, grow and spur others to grow. Ask those who follow us to submit to authority, but also we ourselves need to submit to authority. Remember sin began in eternity when Satan rebelled against authority!!

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