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The Approach

Ephesians Chapter 6 is one of the most thorough approaches to the spiritual conflict in which we are presently engaged. It is one of the many texts that shed great light on this subject. In addition to this exposition, we can call attention to precepts and principles found throughout the scripture.

Our victory over Satan’s attacks is not always evident in terms of his defeat and our success; it is sometimes won in what looks like our defeat and his success.

When Jesus died on the cross of Calvary, it looked very much like he had won. During our Lord’s apparent defeat (and Satan’s apparent victory) the Savior brought our salvation and Satan’s defeat.

The Book of Revelation informs us that there will be a time when Satan and his subordinates will appear to triumph over the saints, but this should be viewed as a momentary defeat that accomplishes the purposes of God and serves as a prelude to Satan’s final destruction. (Rev. 6:9-11)

The great lesson here is contradictory to our rational finite thinking at times. However, the result when understood through revelation and spiritual insight is a simple thing to grasp. You may feel like all is going the wrong way in your life, but I am writing this to remind you that God is in control. That Jesus has already won the victory. The victory may look different than expected in your mind and emotion but, your victory is sure and His defeat is accomplished. Know that the Lord will fight your battles and ultimately you win the war through and by Christ and all he did on the cross.

I will continue these thoughts next week. Have a great weekend!! God bless you!!

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