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Spiritual Warfare

We are talking about spiritual warfare and the victory we have in Christ. We are living in treacherous times to say the least. The spirit of the Antichrist is at high tide. Paul told his son in the faith Timothy that in the last day perilous times would come. He went on to say the apostate church would come to fruition and there would be a massive falling away. He warned us from such turn away. I know this is a tough time we are living in; however, we can still rise to the occasion and find ourselves on the side of victory when we know who we are fighting, how he fights and who we gain victory through.

Satan is a defeated foe, but his complete demise is yet future. When Christ died on the cross he said “it is finished”. Our salvation and Satan’s undoing was complete. However we still need to put faith in Christ and find sins forgiven and Satan still has some future defeat to come. We have already alluded to Satan’s defeat at the cross of Calvary. Nevertheless, we shall see it once again. Satan’s demise is certain!!

His present opposition to the people and purposes of God appears to be detrimental to the church, but in reality Satan is actually furthering God’s purpose and plan for creation. God has purposed to delay casting Satan into the lake of fire because in his freedom to operate as “god of this world” he is unwittingly fulfilling God’s purposes. He is thus bringing glory to God and producing that which God uses for our good

While Satan inspired Judas to betray our Lord, this was necessary to accomplish our salvation. Although his message get may have afflicted Paul with a thorn in the flesh, this was for Paul’s good.

Satan is always on a chain, God’s chain. While he carries on his work with evil intent, God uses him for our good, and for His glory. There is not one thing, which Satan is allowed to do that does not promote God’s purposes, His glory and our good.

The outcome of the spiritual war between Satan and God is certain. The struggle is a part of God’s eternal plan. Standing against his attacks in the strength of the full armor of God is our duty.

Take heart!! Stand firm!!! Stay tuned to God!!! Keep your eyes on Jesus!!! Victory and grace is yours!!!

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