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Nehemiah a Man of Prayer

When you study the book of Nehemiah you will be impressed with how this man of God was a man of prayer. Study closely chapter one and see just how he prayed and what he prayed unfold before you. You will discover a number of things that characterize his praying.

Nehemiah’s prayer was one of comfort. Here is a man who has a broken heart because of the condition of Jerusalem and the people of God. He was in the palace of the king of Persia. It was in prayer he found comfort in knowing what to do because God had revealed his plan to him. There is always great comfort in knowing the will of God and knowing how to carry out the Lord’s desires. This comes through and by prayer.

We see in his life he found great confidence through seeking God. Nehemiah knew the source of his help and strength came from cultivating a relationship with God. He fasted and prayed before the Lord and from this he would have faith in God and would exercise that faith. Accept the promises of God and use His power to accomplish His will in your life and in the earth.

Nehemiah would also bring confession to God in his prayer time. He knew that the children of Israel had sinned against the Lord. He told the Lord of this sin and brought repentance before the Lord. Repent and forsake was the first step back to God. Oh how we need to confess our sin and find forgiveness and restoration from God.

When he repented he was able to find courage. Out of this prayer he would gain the courage to leave a place of comfort and enter a place of hardship and work. Nehemiah had a burning desire to rebuild the walls and restore the city of Jerusalem. In doing so, he would bring God’s people back to that city of God and restore the glory of God not only to the city but to His people.

In this writing I wish to challenge us to pray and find the courage to repent and see a restoration of God’s glory back on our lives and in our nation. We truly need revival!! We need to repair what is now laying in waste and ruin. Let us pray like this servant of God. Let us gain the comfort, confidence and courage of Nehemiah and see what God wants us to do and carry it out with grace and strength.

We are people of prayer!!

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