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Led by Faith

In the book of First Kings 18:41-46 we find a story in the life of Elijah. We see that after he faced the prophets of Bale he went to seek God and pray alone. There had been over three years of drought and it was time to pray for God to send rain. There is such a privilege to go to our Lord in prayer and there is great power in this practice. When we commune with God face to face, undisturbed by the presence of others, prayer reaches its highest plane. The men and women of might in all history of the church have been people who spent time with God in a secret place. There they have heard God’s voice. There the spiritual vision has been made clear. There they have received the royal commission. Their lips have been touched with flame. There the endowment of power has come down. Their hearts have been supercharged with boundless compassion for the lost. There the Church’s thirst has been revealed, and the promise has been given of an abundance of rain.

When we pray we need to pray as the prophet did. He had many needs and requests he could have given to God in prayer, but he had one supreme desire and this is where he focused his petition and faith. He wanted, and the world needed, rain. He could think of nothing else. He got it!! God sent the rain and the world was saved. There are many things for which we can ask and seek God for. There are many incidental things there are of which our church may need, but there is a supreme request upon my heart - that God would send spiritual rain. We need genuine revival in America. We need God to move upon our hearts and for the rain of His Spirit to flow over our soul and the hearts of all we know and love.

Elijah had faith. He sent someone to look for rain as he was praying and seeking God. We need to demonstrate real faith in God. I am writing this to ask that we as a church pray and believe God for great things to happen in the lives of people in our community. Let’s believe for more people to be saved, healed, delivered, fed and clothed. I know that he is willing and able to answer our prayers.

God bless you!!

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